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Golf Artificial Turf

Golf Artificial Turf
Taishan Golf Artificial Turf is one of our competitive products due to its great reduction of the maintenance cost and other advantages. It benefits many golfers in being able to play and practice more often throughout the year. Tee box, putting green and driving ranges all enjoy great benefit from installing artificial grass.

1. Thanks to its excellent quality, the Golf Artificial Turf has reached an exportation of 30,000sqm to US market every season.
2. Various colors and multiple materials are available according to the customers' needs.
3. Its tightness and flatness keeps the ball rolling straightly without bounce.
4. The product can be delivered in 7-15 days.
5. The Artificial Turf Product is environmental friendly.

Specifications of the Golf Artificial Turf
Dtex: 4400 & 5500
Shape: Curly
Pile Height: 10-20mm
Density: 48300-88200
PE&PP curly fibe
Smooth surface to keep rolling direction of the ball
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