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Hockey Artificial Turf

Hockey Artificial Turf
Taishan Hockey Artificial Turf is one of our competitive products. It is not compacted with usual infill but watered heavily to reduce abrasion and keep the ball running quickly. Thanks to the high water permeability and retention, it conserves water effectively and benefits the environment. It also helps our customers cut the cost due to the fire-resistance and anti-UV design.

The Hockey Artificial Turf has achieved both national and international level FIH certificate. National level TH20 is superb sand dressed product and provides excellent club hockey sports as well as multi use. Global level TH12 is water-based and infill free product. Both are the best surfaces for the competitions and training of field hockey. They can be applied in 3 kinds of competitions, the world level, the specified international, the national.

Special characteristics
1. Taishan is the first company in China approved by FIH of National and Global Level.
2. We have installed the first national grade hockey field in China.
3. Thanks to the professional installation team, we offer the best installing support and design advice.
4. The product delivery time is as fast as 7-15 days.

Advantages of Hockey Artificial Turf
1. The smooth and abrasion resistant turf products with weather proof performance have long service time within 7-15 years.
2. Our turfgrass of high density exerts no effect on the moving direction of the ball.
3. Our cultivating turf has as good kinematic performance as a cushion.
4. Environmental friendly and hardly fading.
5. The hockey turf is well connected with few seams and offers multiple colors.

Our hockey artificial turf is qualified to all standards and of the FIH (International Hockey Federation) certificate.

Product Information
Dtex: 7300
Shape: Fibrillated
Pile Height: 12-20mm
Density: 21000-73080
FIH certification of world level and national level
Tencate fiber
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