• Football and Soccer Artificial Turf
  • Taishan football-soccer Artificial Turf Product is one of our competitive product for its high quality and professional services. As China's first FIFA certified soccer Artificial Turf Product manufacturer.
  • Landscaping Artificial Turf
  • Taishan Landscaping Artificial Turf is a high-quality product collection for landscaping use. It is extremely durable that keeps lush and green 365 days a year.
  • Hockey Artificial Turf
  • Taishan Hockey Artificial Turf is one of our competitive products. It is not compacted with usual infill but watered heavily to reduce abrasion and keep the ball running quickly.

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Taishan Artificial Turf Product Industry Company is a professional Artificial Turf Product manufacturer in China. We constantly strive for providing a wide range of Artificial Turf Product, such as PE Artificial Turf Product, Hockey Artificial Turf, PP Artificial Turf Product, and more. Our Artificial Turf Product have the properties of good motion performance, anti-aging, simulation, environmental protection, and are widely accepted by customers from more than 56 regions and countries, such as North America, Latin America, Australia, the Middle East, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, the European Union, and more.

As a main drafter of Chinese National Standards on Artificial Turf Product, we have passed through ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001 certification. Due to high quality and good performance, our products have successfully attained ISA, PONY, and LABOSPORT certificates. Furthermore, our Artificial Turf Product is recommended by and is the only company which has got FIH certificate in China. Hence, customers can feel secure in purchasing our artificial grass lawns.

FIFA qualification
FIH qualification

Taishan Artificial Turf Product Industry Co., Ltd is a major Artificial Turf Product manufacturer located in China. We constantly take the technology innovation as the first consideration. In order to improve the manufacturing processes and the performance of the PE Artificial Turf Product and PP Artificial Turf Product, we have established a Tech center in the production base, and also employed the senior Artificial Turf Product experts to offer our customers the professional technique consultation services and guides. Meanwhile, in 2005, we set the Huali Taishan Sports-Use New Material Research and Development Center by cooperating with China top-ranked university: East China University of Science and Technology. With a number of technique experts in high polymer industry, including five doctors and seven masters, this center is particularly used for technology research and development of Artificial Turf Product, and we have applied many national patents. The level of scientific research is close to international advanced level. Thus, we can provide our customers with high quality Artificial Turf Product, such as soccer Artificial Turf Product, Hockey Artificial Turf, Tennis Artificial Turf, Multifunctional Artificial Turf, and so on. Welcome to contact us if you need any kinds of our products.