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Tennis Artificial Turf

Tennis Artificial Turf
Taishan Tennis Artificial Turf is one of our competitive products, due to not only its great advantages but also the excellent after-sale service with a warranty of 8-10 years. The tennis is becoming a popular sport all over the world. Featuring easier maintenance, higher durability and better drainage, artificial grass is more and more used for tennis training and practicing.

Taishan pays great attention to the R&D of the artificial grass for tennis and achieves several advances.
1. The average lifespan of our Tennis Artificial Turf is over 8 years.
2. Our Tennis Artificial Turf can be played on in almost all weather conditions especially suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
3. Its easy installation and maintenance helps cut the cost for our customers.
4. Both red and green colors are available

Thanks to its high quality, Taishan has now become the first choice of many clubs, schools and private owners. If you are ready now, we would like to provide the most suitable products and professional service for you.

Product Information
Dtex: 5500 & 8800
Shape: Fibrillated
Pile Height: 10-20mm
Density: 19950-42000
PP fiber to ensure a good ball rebounce
Different colors for option
Installation Case Study
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