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Non-Infill Artificial Turf

Non-Infill Artificial Turf
Taishan Non-Infill Artificial Turf is one of our new product featured with the absence of rubber infill. It is the best choice for sports since it heats up much less and generates no splash of rubber.

1. Taishan's non-infill sports artificial grass has been widely used in the U.S. market. More than one site has been installed with our products.
2. With the fast installation and a 5-10 years warranty, Taishan Non-Infill Artificial Turf not only ensures the athletic performance but also saves the cost for our customers.
3. Without rubber odour or heavy metal pollution, it is ecologically sound and environmental friendly. Most importantly, it does no harm to human beings.

Specifications of the Non-Infill Artificial Turf
Model Specifications Note
1. Dtex:18600
2. Shape: Monofilament & Fibrillated
3. Pile Height: 30mm
4. Density: 34760
5. Characters:
Taishan patent product for indoor using
High anti-abrasion
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